MIME application/vnd.wap.xhtml xml

MIME application/vnd.wap.xhtml xml

MIME type: Application

MIME Subtype: vnd.wap.xhtml xml

More about subtype vnd.wap.xhtml xml

The MIME application type vnd.wap.xhtml xml is related to xml files that are specially created for mobile devices platform. XML or XHTML stands for Extended Hypertext Markup Language which is an evolved version of the traditional HTML. XML is widely used to have standardized look and feel of websites across different platforms. To ensure total compatibility XML is a lot stricter in its syntax as compared to HTML, and you get parsing errors if the rules are not adhered to specification.

Wireless Access Protocol or WAP is a language through which web content is created for viewing on mobile phones. These files ensure that the files are light and easy for viewing on small screen formats, so that they can run easily even with low bandwidth constraints of a mobile phone.

The subtype application/vnd.wap.xhtml xml refers to a protocol that is based on XML standards, and is further tailor-made for operating through the WAP platform. The file has a purely mobile device application and is totally customized for that. However, it is based on common standards of XML that are equally applicable to web pages created for PC browsing.

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